Visitor Comments

People from all over the world have visited our museum. We have taken a selection of their comments from our visitor book and posted them below.

12 members of the Citroen Special club visited us and wrote a lovely article about us in their club magazine:

Clive Rushton – Chipping Sodbury, South Gloucestershire.

‘A very well thought out little museum. Part of our engineering past, very enjoyable, well done.’

Bob Selby – Sydney, Australia.

‘Hi Andrew, thanks for showing us your museum. To the best of my knowledge there are only two of these thingies in Australia. I brought them back (from the UK) some 12 years ago or more. They were sold new by Fowlers of Bristol, so they seem to come from your neck of the woods.’

Atzori Flumer – Italy

‘I think people have under estimated the original city moped. Thank you for showing me your museum.’

George Wessman – Stolkholm, Sweden.

‘Owner of two of the three in Sweden.’

K J – Nailsea, Bristol.

‘Very good museum, nice to see an example of British engineering of the past. The concept of tilting 3 wheels is again being revisited.’

Mr Chillier – Yate, South Gloucestershire.

‘Remember seeing the Ariel 3 around Yate shopping centre in early 1970. At the time I had a BSA C15.’

Dace Parcel – Bitton.

‘It’s great seeing the old stuff personal. Keep it up.’

Chris Bates – Stapleton, Bristol.

‘I rode an Ariel 3 in Bournemouth years ago.’

Michael Reynolds – Masteg, Mid Glamorgan.

‘Very interesting!’

Ted Chick – Garage owner, Brislington, Bristol.

‘Great little display.’

P Guard – South Gloucestershire

‘Excellent Ariel museum, brought back memories of my Ariel leader.’

Derek Hole – Englishcombe village

‘Tried Ariel 3 many years ago when dad was captain of Bristol speedway.’

6 Responses to Visitor Comments

  1. Shaun Woodward - North Bedfordhire says:

    I have six Ariel 3’s, three Honda Streams and an Ariel Leader. I wrote my final year thesis on the Ariel 3 for my Industrial Design (Transport) Degree in 1983 as the bike had always intrigued me having seen them as a teenager. I was lucky enough to Interview Bert Hopwood (retired MD of BSA in the 70’s), and George Wallis, the inventor and patent holder for the Ariel 3/Honda Stream tilting mechanism at the time. I am currently revising and updating the thesis and will send a copy to the museum as soon as its finished, sorry it’s taking so long…

  2. Ray Corbett says:

    Hi i came across your web site by accident it bought back some memories but i have to say not overly good ones of these little bikes i worked for John Brittain motorcycles in Bloxwiich as a lad and one thing i remember about these was the fuel pipe used to run from the tank across the engine down to the carb and i saw a couple that the fuel pipe had melted and the bike had caught fire and all the plastic melted leaving only the steel framework and engine
    great web site though im sure a lot of people have good memories of these good luck with the museum

    Ray Corbett
    Papamoa Beach
    New Zealand

  3. Den says:

    Have any spare parts? I’m looking for a choke lever, muffler and a horn/light switch.
    Thanks, Den in Canada

  4. Simon Gore says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Site. I’m considering the purchase of one, turns out the fella has 9 ! Would you be interested ? If so can send details to discuss . I personally am in Kingswood Bristol . The Bikes are in Mersyside. Most likely I’ll visit you in the next week of so and take a look at your collection ( esp the stripped one) to see what I’m letting myself in for before I commit (something rash) – Kind Regards Simon Gore

  5. Hi there, I have recently bought one for my wife as she saw one in a show locally and thought it was great. After a bit of searching on line I managed to pick one up from Blackpool which needed minor work. It now runs great and what a fun little thing it is!!
    Could do with Tyres and new centre caps for the wheels but apart from that it’s great! This website has certainly helped me choose an Ariel 3 with some great information to be found. Would like to pop to the museum if it’s still going although I don’t fancy riding it from N Wales to Bristol! I do have a friend in Chippenham so maybe I will trailer it to there and then ride to Bristol…

    Thanks again, Justin Hinchliffe . N Wales
    PS: Any suggestions as to where I can purchase tyres and also centre caps, and maybe the clips to hold in place the rear hood? Thanks again

  6. nick says:

    hi as an owner of two of these, one stock and one madly customised I felt the need to create a facebook page for these bikes ot try and get a true picture of how many survive, the page can be found at :

    I hope some of you ariel 3 owners will pop along and share pictures of your bikes..

    as to the museum, I am going tomorrow with a couple of air 3 owning friends and am looking forward to it

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