Visit Us

The Ariel 3 Museum & Motorcycle Model Collection.167 Winchester Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 3NJ

Telephone: 01179 774334

 We are behind the denture repair centre.

Opening Hours: 9am 6pm Daily Wed & Sat 9 – 12

Closed for lunch 1pm – 2pm

Open other times by appointment for club run outs etc.

Entrance Fee: £3.00 (includes programme and tea or coffee under 16’s £1.00).

Unable to visit our museum?

We have a comprehensive programme which includes the Ariel 3 story available for just £3.99 including first class postage. We also run a magic shop, you can purchase this programme though our online shop.

7 Responses to Visit Us

  1. Steve Slack says:

    Hi, I’ve got a trike under restoration and need info regarding frame sticker!! I have a company replicating some stickers but I can’t make out the date stamp on the frame sticker due to aged wrinkling!, can you help? (The v5 declares it registered as 1970.)
    Many thanks, Steve.

    • Hi Steve

      Thank you for your comment, we have had a few like this as the frame sticker has a tendancy to age or vanish altogether! Unfortunetly the only option you have is to reregister it with the DVLA.



      • Steve says:

        Hi andrew,

        Thanks for the reply, also, do you know how much an original screen would’ve cost back in the 70’s?! I think they may have been made by “Motoplas”. regards, Steve.

  2. Shaun Woodward - North Bedfordhire says:

    Hello Andrew

    I hope you are well. Just a note to say I am giving an informal slide show talk on the Ariel 3 to a local Motorcycle club ( 60 to 80 people) in Northamptonshire very soon. I was hoping to include a nice mention of your museum and wondered if you would mind me perhaps putting in a few decent digital images for the slide show. It might drum up extra business! The one of you in the shed I have seen online would be fabulous if you have a decent sized jpg.

    My thesis will be with you once I’ve sorted the rewrite/update which is taking longer than expected. Sorry!

    Best wishes


  3. Barbara says:

    Could you tell me where to find my frame number please? The sticker is illegible and I am trying to register with the DVLA under its original number and can’t without confirming the frame number
    Thanks Barbara

  4. Piet Noordzij says:

    Hello Andrew,
    Looking for information on the Ariel3 on the internet I found your Museum. A trip to the Museum is unlikely since I live in The Netherlands. I have been interested in the Ariel3 since its introduction and remember some pictures in one of the British mototcycle magazines with an exploded view of the tilting mechanism. But I cannot find anything on the internet now. I wonder if you can help me with some pictures showing the construction and functioning of the tilting mechanism.
    Good luck with the museum, Piet Noordzij

  5. Hello
    Is there a Workshop Manual in PDF format?
    I have a Hard copy workshop manual and would make it into PDF if you think anybody
    would be interested. I always wanted an Ariel 3 but the nearest I got was a workshop Manual!
    As a matter of interest how many Ariel 3’s are there?

    Kindest Regards

    Keith R. Murray

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