Ariel What?

If you are old enough to remember when the Beatles split up, then cast your mind back…

In July 1970, the Ariel 3 was launched by the BSA Group. Strange though it may seem, it was 3-wheeler motorcycle with an amazing ability to tilt sideways on its front wheel when cornering – not to mention a top speed of 30 mph and a fuel consumption of 125 mpg. It cost £100, which was a lot of money in 1970.

Stranger still, the Ariel was created on the back of a powerful market research programme, and predicted to have a brilliant future – yet failed to catch on with the public. Sales soon petered out and, sad as it seems, this strange little trike played a big part in the final collapse of the once great British motorcycle industry.

1 Response to Ariel What?

  1. Mike Duncan says:

    Hello …. I worked in the motorcycle trade in the U.K, at several dealerships in the county of Somerset, …. when the, once great, motorcycle industry was in it’s dying days due to totally incompetent, disinterested, dismissive and arrogant management.
    Not only was the management arrogant and dismissive, but also were the regional sales representatives, … I hesitate to name names here.
    An example, this one about B.S.A, they considered the then just introduced Honda CB500-4 … “something we could easily make at “The-Works” .. but that’s not what the public wants”. … haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!. ……… unbelievable dismissive arrogance!.
    The Ariel-3 was an ill conceived and dangerous P.O.S. …. I know this, as we sold a few, and I rode them at peril to my life.
    Thank goodness the current Triumph-brand owners have not had their head stuck in the sand, and have done a superb job at … “Raising The Phoenix From The Ashes”.

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