My name is Andrew Mulcahy, dental technician, magic shop owner and collector of the infamous Ariel 3 tilting trike. Behind my dental lab I have created the world’s first Ariel 3 museum. It may be small but its perfectly formed!

As a result of the Ariel 3’s brief lifespan, very few remain in the UK today. Our museum offers you the chance to see first hand a number of extremely rare, genuine articles.
On show is one of the best examples of an Ariel 3 in the country today (as well as one of the worst!). There are two on show with the original (screens) still intact, which is very rare. We have even have one stripped down to show how the unique tilting system works.
There is an Ariel 3 for visitors to sit on, and a Honda Stream, Japan’s far advanced copy for you to compare. For the real enthusiast, we even boast numerous spare engine parts to be examined.

As an added bonus, our museum has on display one of the largest collections of motorcycle models in the country.

Ariel 3Entrance Fee: £3.00 (includes program and tea or coffee under 16’s £1.00).

Opening Hours: 9am 6pm Daily Wed & Sat 9 – 12

Closed for lunch 1pm – 2pm

Open other times by appointment for club run outs etc.